Hunting for a Healthcare PR Job Got a Lil Easier!

If you’re looking for a healthcare PR job – it just got easier! And if you’re in a position where you are recruiting for healthcare PR talent – it too just got easier!

There was a time when my phone would ring and the emails would roll in from recruiters of all type contacting me about open healthcare PR and communications jobs… During that same time messages via word-of-mouth or via email would roll in from PR friends and colleagues looking for a new gig. There was one week where I was contacted on 40 different occasions about positions. And often I would count up to 8 to 10 messages received in one single day. Because of this, I often found myself (and still do) playing matchmaker.

I take a genuine interest in all people and networking has imagesalways been something that I felt I’ve done well with throughout my career. Given that I have a large network of healthcare public relations and communications colleagues, I am in a position to “match” and “connect” people. And this is something I have found myself doing over the years. Frankly, it’s easy for me to connect people. However, it can be extremely time consuming and it could be a full-time job. So I just created something to solve this. Plus, in this economy, so many people need help with leads for jobs and this method can really serve as a help.

I started a Twitter handle called ‘Healthcare PR Jobs’ which can be found at @hlthcarePRjobs. I started this group to help connect healthcare PR/communications pros with executive recruiters and agency and corporate HR recruiters looking for good healthcare PR/communications talent. I also started it so everyone can share opportunities as they learn of them. It’s going to take a little bit of time to build up but I am hopeful that soon enough it will be a great resource to use to learn about healthcare PR jobs and to forward along to friends and colleagues who are looking.

So what do you need to do from here?  Follow @hlthcarePRjobs on Twitter; also know as ‘Healthcare PR Jobs.’ (If you’re not on Twitter then get with it and make this your reason to finally join!). Once you start following @hlthcarePRjobsyou can follow, post a job, retweet (which means to forward a post) jobs that you see, share info, and connect with professionals who you may not have known previously. [If you aren't familiar with how Twitter works, def have a friend or social media colleague show you...]

My plan was that beginning in November of 2009 I’d begin holding weekly Twitter chats on Tuesday’s at 9:00 PM Eastern at #HCPRjobs and talk about job hunting issues, challenges in the healthcare PR job environment, salary issues and much more. We haven’t started this yet. However, Twitter chats create forums where many people join, chime in and share their knowledge. Chats are also an opportunity for you to connect with more people and expand your professional network. I will feature three jobs per chat. If you have a job that you want me throw out there to the participating chat group and highlight, get to me early enough in the week I will feature your job.  [Stay tuned for the date of the first chat!]

Hope to be seeing at @hlthcarePRjobsimagesCATNJ0LC


Byron Clauston
Leigh, the work you here is very helpful to those of us who are looking for jobs. You have made the process a little easier for sure. You clearly do this on your own time to help others, and thank you. Karma will come back to you girl! Keep doing great things. They are noticed and so are you. Be well. -BC
Kelley Connors
Leigh, I just tracked you down here...great web site and awesome breadth of topics relevant to social media. Great service you're providing to the Healthcare PR community! I am always looking for a great client o consult for, in the area of women's health where I can bring a wealth of skills and insights. it would be great to work with you too!
Lois McGinty
I always find your information helpful and amazing... how you take the time to do it all and keep the industry together is wonderful, Leigh. Thank you for all of the time you put in in helping us all. Many cheers to you. Happy summer to you as well. - Lois

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